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Apr 19, 2022
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Your gratuities help to offset this, so if you don't tip and I didn't tell you about the extra charge for processing your credit card, then I Australia Mobile Number Database have just had a $5.00 loss on your service before taxes. What is the value you have placed on your health and have this been magnified in the way I have handled you. Couples Australia Mobile Number Database Massages:-If you have a couples' massage at the spa, this means more cleanup for the therapists. Please get dressed immediately afterwards and remember that your time is up and we need to get ready for the next clients coming in on the hour. Do your hugging and Australia Mobile Number Database kissing or whatever else elsewhere, and fix your hair, etc., in the bathroom...hopefully, not together. Please, hold off on your "finishing" until you get home or some other place. The bathrooms are usually shared between clients and Australia Mobile Number Database workers and we may need to go, before we have to get back Australia Mobile Number Database to that 90-minute massage. I don't know how many times I have waited and waited well into the time for my next client Australia Mobile Number Database while a couple is still in the room after we have dismissed them. We usually only have 5-15 minutes between you and the next client and there is a lot to do in that time to be ready to give them the same professionalism we gave you. Don't think we don't wonder what you're Australia Mobile Number Database doing in there while we are waiting outside with your water/tea. It's not curiosity, it is irritation or anxiety, since we won't have enough time to clean up, use bathroom and go get the other client waiting in the lobby. If we attempt the bathroom run while you are still "sprucing," you might be finished before Australia Mobile Number Database we return, hence miss the important farewell and courtesy water/tea along with follow-up suggestions. So we wait, dancing in the hallway with a smile. Please be considerate of others, even at the spa. Jewelry and makeup:-Please do not wear your jewelry to the spa, especially the Australia Mobile Number Database expensive ones! Leave them in your safe at home or if you wear them, please remove them and put them safely in your purse, etc. I usually have a little bowl where your stuff should go, but it's not my responsibility to look out for your diamonds! Also, since we have to work Australia Mobile Number Database with oil, etc., and manipulate your limbs.